Monday, April 12, 2010

Starting Over.

Well last year I kept this blog as a way to monitor my weight loss, and not going to lie I did pretty well with it! I went from 175 lbs ( a BMI of 30 - borderline obese) down to 131.2 lbs ( BMI of 22.5- healthy!) Woo on that.
However right after I got to that weight in September, and so close to getting out of the 130's I met my adorable boyfriend, and many nights spent cuddling on the cuch, and yummy meals out, I gained a little weight back.

OK lets not lie, I gained a lot of weight back. Last Tuesday I faced the music and saw that I was up 11.8 lbs. Blah. So I'm back to losing that weight and a tad more. I'm not 100 % sure what my goal weight will be, I'm aiming for 125 , but might want to go a little smaller, but I'll face that when I get there.

I will post again tomorrow with my first weekly weigh in ! Wish me luck <3

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