Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yikes, this last month has been crazy, so crazy that I have not had en ought time to blog. tisk tisk! At the start of May I was busy finishing up my finals for the term, which caused for me to fall from the fitness/ diet wagon. After I went with my dad to Hawaii for a week to spread my mums ashes, on a very bitter sweet vacation.
I returned back home to have enough time to do my laundry and pack to temporarily move 400 km away, where I have been working at an industrial mill, working twelve hour shifts on four days on/off.

I was able to get back in the fitness mode about half way through the month after I noticed that my jeans were becoming a little snug. I'm at this stage right now where I am "skinny fat", I am a size 6 and look normal but don't have a lot of muscles toning which makes me flabby. So I have been focusing on measuring my body other than using my scale.

so here are the facts. On May 16th , I was (chest/waist/hips) 34.2/28.0/39.2.
half a month later I am as of today 33.5/27.0/38.2

So In just over two weeks, Ive lost an inch off my hips and waist, and sadly Ive lost 0.6 of an inch off my chest. Can you believe that When I started my weight loss journey about a year and half ago, I was a DD38, and I'm right now wearing a B36 which is loose!

I have just over 3 weeks left at my job here, and hope to be able to lose another inch off my waist and hips before returning hope to enjoy the summer with my friends and boyfriend!

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  1. Glad your too see you back and blogging! I am totally at the same stage as you skinny/fat. I'm a size 8 and look skinny, but I'm not really! Look forward to reading your progress.